Welcome to DC Tech People

The goal of this site is to use data to highlight issues regarding gender and minority inclusion in the Washington DC tech community. Please feel free to extend this project as you see fit- GitHub Source Data is updated nightly at about 3:00am EST, at which point the site may be down or innacurate for about 15min.

Taking a look at AngelList Data

AngelList is a social network that connects startups with investors. They provide an API to access their data, which we dive into below:

There are 196 people on AngelList who claim to live in the Washington DC region. They have DC listed as either their first or only location.

We use Genderize.io to predict if a user is male or female. If their data determines someone's first name to have a 75% or higher probability of a given gender, we include them in our analysis.

Genderize.io determined the gender with at least 75% probability for 174 people.

Of the 174 people analyzed, 12 were female and 162 were male :

We define a leader as someone who has more than 1,000 followers on AngelList. Of 7 total leaders, 1 was female and 6 were male :

Moving onto Facebook data

The DC Tech Facebook Group is a vibrant, public forum where various people of the #dctech comminity interact. We use Facebook's API to take a look at its users:

There are 4320 people publicly in the DC Tech Facebook group.

We again use Genderize.io in the same manner to predict if a user is male or female because we do not have full access to their Facebook profile data.

Genderize.io determined the gender with at least 75% probability for 3927 people.

Of the 3927 people analyzed, 1228 were female and 2699 were male (one icon is equal to 10 people below):